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  • Time to re-evaluate and re-focus your career?
  • Considering a career change?
  • Need to make career, training or study decisions?
  • Just fallen into and now stuck in a rut?
  • Every career, role or organisation you try just doesn't seem right?
  • Stressed, unfulfilled or unchallenged at work?
  • Simply want to identify strengths and areas for development?
  • Perhaps you would like to check that you are on the right track?
  • On the corporate treadmill but want to get off?

If yes, then I can help
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or call 020 8769 5737.

I appreciate that calling from work may be difficult, and when with a client I am obviously not able to answer the phone either, so it is fine to telephone evenings and weekends.

Hello, this is Sherridan,

I offer sound and practical career advice for individuals, whether wondering what career option to pursue or considering a new career or a career change. I undertake talent management work for organisations, as well. You may have seen me quoted in the media (try 'Googling' my name, and check out my informative Squidoo lenses listed on the 'What I can do for you and about me page')?

As an Occupational Psychologist with 25 years experience in career counselling and literally thousands of satisfied clients, I know that the very best results come from a two way dialogue. I work with the client to find solutions and clarify thinking, considering career and lifestyle needs and matches. (Click left on 'What I can Do For You... and about Me' to see why I truly believe my career assessment service to be the best).

While everyone is unique, there are perhaps few career situations or dilemmas which I have not encountered over the years, and I have learnt a great deal from my experience in dealing with people from all job sectors. My 'cradle to grave' assessment model can be modified to address the client's objectives whatever the life and career stage.

The holistic process works because I take the profiles from a comprehensive selection of complementary, psychometric measures (aptitudes, personality, interests - and for some, values, emotional intelligence, team role, stress) and then during the consultation, I probe deeper to interpret and gain understanding of what it all means. These psychometric assessments are simply tools and starting points for discussion and they act as catalysts for focusing on the real issues. I do not simply input results into a computer and generate a narrative report.

People find the process tiring but fun. The career counselling consultation is personal and friendly but professional, and will enable you to discover or confirm what makes you tick. You can be sure the career advice makes sense because I also take into account personal circumstances (health, earning requirements, restrictions, dreams), and advise in relation to knowledge of career and industry sectors, study options, and what employers are seeking.

The understanding and buy-in generated by this process incentivises individuals to take action and really change their career and indeed, life.

The process normally takes most of one day in Furzedown (Tooting/Streatham borders) with homework and preparation beforehand (click on tabs at the top for further details of individual services and fees). Following your career analysis consultation you will receive a comprehensive report which you can refer to time and time again. Written by me, specifically for you, it will include detailed information on what to do next.

While I am always there for ongoing support, I do not promote dependence and most individuals feel sufficiently empowered to have no need for further hand holding; they have sufficient information and direction to take control over their own career and life and move forward with confidence.


Tel 020 8769 5737